DieselA Episode IV: A New Hope

DieselA Episode IV: A New Hope

Once upon a time (today) situated in a galaxy nearby (Zobtener Str. 69, Berlin Lichtenberg): a group of rebels are fighting against the evil empire, challenging them from the underground…

… We as anarcha-queerfeminist wagengroup DieselA squatted again an empty property in Berlin Lichtenberg today on 4th of june 2020. On this place we found again a new home and we want to stay!

Already two weeks ago we moved to a new property nearby, we started to make it our home, settle down and get used to it. We also initiated a first neighborhood-meeting. We contacted the owners asking for a personal talk and negotiations, but instead of receiving a friendly answer, already after a week we got a letter from the owner that we should leave the place until 05.06.2020 with all our stuff, or we would not be able to negotiate with them at all.

That reminds us similar talks we had on our last squat in Marzahn – that time it was with Deutsche Bahn. Afterwards we got evicted from more than 400 cops and a massive amount of police-vehicles.

We are empowered by the idea to decide ourselves where we go and depending on which conditions.

We don’t want to wait for eviction, but take action self organized and autonomous to decide when we step to action again.

Due to this we decided to leave our current home and appropriate another place. Today we drove with our buses, trucks and cars onto an empty property. Again we contacted the owners asking for negotiations, so we are curious whether this time there will be a more constructive reaction.

We show, that we are not dispersing!

Likewise, all the other endangered projects, like Liebig34 or already evicted projects will not disperse in nothing. We are too angry, to take that in silence. We are angry that the city is sold in front of us to rich investors, that are just interested to make money with the investment from the house. We are angry that the socio- democratic, left and green government in Berlin is watching the neoliberalization of housing and speculation to make houses just another product in the market, and politics doing nothing about it. We are angry that we have to fight for a shitty piece of land, only to have a place to be. We are angry, that people that are already in a precarious situation in society have to fear eviction and are thrown on the streets.

We are angry that during the shut downs people go rather with #stayathome, than thinking about the situation of people that cannot do that, that maybe have no home or passport. We are angry that the police is evicting projects without any guidelines, discriminates people and puts them under and that the politics meanwhile is enforcing the power of the police due to new laws.

Our moving is a symbol, standing for our ideas that cannot be evicted and that we will continue.

DieselA, your anarcha-queerfeminist group of rebels from a Galaxy nearby